Mission and Vision


ISMRD is the leading advocate for families worldwide affected by a Glycoprotein & Related Storage Disease. Through partnerships built with medicine, science and industry, we seek to detect and cure these diseases, and to provide a network of support and information.

Photograph of ISMRD family.  Photograph of Chris. Photograph of Paul.


We seek a future in which children with Glycoprotein & Related Storage Diseases can be detected early, treated effectively, and go on to live long, healthy and productive lives; a future where doctors and other clinicians are knowledgeable of and able to detect these genetic defects efficiently and with accuracy. In our vision the public at-large will have a general knowledge and understanding of these diseases, and will actively strive to prevent their occurrence. Ultimately, we envision a world where there will no longer be a need for our organization or others like it to exist.

Photograph of Joey with his Dad. Photograph of ISMRD family members.
Photograph of Saffy. Photograph of Zach and Bumpa.

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