Fundraising Ideas

ISMRD is committed to raising funds to support research for our  diseases, but to be successful we need your help too. Here are some ideas that will help to get you started.

  • Holiday Season Office Parties – during the holiday season there are office and company holiday parties that often raise funds to donate to a charity. Ask around – offer information about ISMRD  – ask if ISMRD could be the charity of choice this year.
  • Community Organizations– your church – often an organization that you belong to is looking to find a charity to support. Do not take for granted that they have decided upon a compelling charity. The ISMRD story is compelling – a cure for children – parents, some of whom have already lost their child, not wanting anyone to hear “there is nothing we can do for your child” – 100% of donations to research – TELL THE STORY – OR TELL YOUR STORY.
  • Golf Sponsorship Event – Find ten people who are willing to create a foursome. Each foursome agrees to find sponsors totaling five hundred dollars. With a little planning $5,000.00 can be raised, golfers will feel a sense of satisfaction, and all will enjoy an afternoon of golf.
  • Anniversary and Birthday Parties – many people wish to celebrate a special occasion but are not interested in presents. Instead, ask the invitee’s to make a small donation to ISMRD as their gift and acknowledgement of the celebration.
  • Bike Ride Sponsorship Event – Find five people who are willing to ride 20 miles to a company event. Each rider commits to finding $200.00 in sponsorship. With just a little sweat $1,000.00 can be raised very efficiently.
  • Advertise the ISMRD Amazon Links on Facebook.  ISMRD gets a percentage of everything purchased through our charity.

Ideas for Rare Disease Day – friends and family can easily make a donation by PayPal via our website. Ask them to consider making ISMRD their charity of choice.

  • Host a Morning Tea: Host morning tea and ask for a donation to your charity of choice or plan a virtual morning tea asking all your friends and family to make a donation based on the cost of buying a coffee and sweet cake or muffin.
  • Hold a Theme Party: Decide on a fun theme. Charge an entrance fee, but be sure to explain to people what their cover charge is going towards.
  • Bowling:  Organize a bowling night or a competition. Charge everyone a small fee to enter or have participants get bowl-a-thon pledges.
  • Host a dress down day in your work place along with morning tea get everyone to donate to the charity of their choice.
  • Sell ISMRD's own special bend of tea to coffee shops, schools, friends, family, office

What about selling some of ISMRD’s merchandise on International Rare Disease Day or other special events through out the year -  sell to families friends, office workers anyone you can think of.

The following are for sale:

  • Penguin bracelets
  • ISMRD silicone bracelets
  • ISMRD’s own special Tea Blend
  • ISMRD teeshirts