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ISMRD and National MPS Society join together to support ML Research

In 2013 ISMRD and the National MPS Society offered a Partnership Grant for mucolipidosis II/III.  The grant is $20,000 for each year of the two years. Following a global request for proposals which were reviewed by a committee comprised of members from our respective Scientific Advisory Committees, the grant was awarded December 2013 to Dr. Heather Flanagan-Steet at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia.  We are grateful to the National MPS Society for their work with ISMRD, ensuring the success of this endeavor.

Below is the abstract from the project that was accepted for funding.

“Investigating the role of cathepsin proteases in ML-II cardiac pathology”

Heart valve defects represent a life threatening but poorly understood symptom of ML disease. Recent work in our ML-II zebrafish model has provided new information on why the valves don’t form or function properly. Our earlier work on cartilage defects in this model identified the enzyme, cathepsin K, as a central player in the disease process. Inhibition of cathepsin K in the ML-II background resulted in improved cartilage development, suggesting a new therapeutic strategy for ML disease. Since the development of heart valves and cartilage share many common features, it is likely that cathepsin K also contributes to ML heart valve disease. We propose to use inhibitors of cathepsin K (and another related enzyme cathepsin L) to ask whether they reverse the heart valve defects present in ML-II zebrafish. At least one cathepsin K inhibitor, odanacatib, recently passed Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of osteoporosis and is expected to be available in 2014. Our proposed work may uncover a new opportunity to treat ML valve disease with these inhibitors.

Kelly's Journey - Facing a Rare Disease with Courage

KelleyDenise Crompton is the author of this book. Her daughter Kelley was affected by Mucolipidosis type III. The book is about the family’s journey of living with ML III and how they managed the very complex issues.

You can purchase Kelley’s Journey at Amazon.

The new revised and expanded version of Kelley’s Journey, including her final years and will be available on-line as an e-book on:

  • Kindle at Amazon
  • Nook through Barnes & Noble
  • If you dont have a Kindle or Nook, you can download it from the AuthorHouse site to your computer (requires a download of the free Adobe Reader)

International Rare Disease Day 2014

Rare Disease logoFacts on Rare Diseases | How to get involved | Download the Flyer

This years theme for Rare Disease Day is Care, with the slogan "Join Together for Better Care".

Caring for our loved ones comes in many forms. Some patients have access to therapies and some do not. Some patients are independent and others require very complex care. For most children and adults living with a rare disease the primary care is provided by family members and because of the complex care some families are very isolated.

Rare Disease Day 2014 focuses on Care and encourages everyone in the rare disease community to Join together for Better Care.

We encourage all families within the ISMRD network to get involved and help us raise awareness of our very rare diseases. Let’s break the isolation that many of us suffer from and let our communities know about our very special children.


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ISMRD has been fortunate to achieve a few notable milestones through the hard work and dedication of the members of our Board of Directors, past and present; an empathetic and sincere group of scientists and medical professionals and a concerned and proactive group of families from many different countries. Without the three groups working as a team, ISMRD would not be in its present position of being the world's most prominent advocate for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases.

Among our most significant achievements have been the following listed below. To learn more please follow the links to a more detailed account about the highlights of each.