Medical Papers


  • Psychiatric Symptoms in Alpha-Mannosidosis: This paper is the result of a study of 45 patients with Alpha-Mannosidosis by Dr. Dag Malm, MD, PhD. It is reprinted with permission of the author and the Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.
  • Allogeneic SCT for Alpha-Mannosidosis This paper is the result of a multi-institutional analysis that describes 17 patients with Alpha-Mannosidosis that were diagnosed at a median of 2.5 (1.1-23) years and underwent HSCT at a median of 3.6 (1.3-23.1) years. ISMRD played a significant role in this project by ensuring that all Alpha Mannosidosis families whose children went through bone marrow transplant were able to take part in this study.


Mcuolipidosis alpha/beta

Medical Alert for parents of Children with I-Cell Disease: Important information from the Greenwood Genetic Clinic regarding anesthesia in children with Mucolipidosis II

Mucolipidosis Gamma

Sialidosis – also known as Mucolipidosis I

Lysosomal Storage Disorders