Scientific Conference

Children and Youth Program

On Saturday the activities got under way early! By 8.30am our young men and women had gathered in front of the hotel, awaiting the charter bus that would take them to the South Carolina Aquarium.

A short ride brought us to the Aquarium, which sits right on Charleston’s harbor. We split into two groups and the fun began. The 4D movie experience took us to the Arctic from the view of the sea life. We were misted with water, “things slithered around our legs’ and punched our seat backs, and there was even a bit of a stinky fish smell!

Afterwards, we were given a tour of the Turtle Hospital, which has almost a dozen ‘patients’ in small rehab tanks. The whole group then toured the Aquarium proper; fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds!

One of the major highlights of the day was the classroom time. The wonderful Aquarium staff brought out turtles, lizards, snakes and even a small alligator for everyone to see and touch.

By mid day stomachs were grumbling so it was time to stop and have a great deli lunch (some even ate two!!).

The day wasn’t over as we headed to the Children’s Museum for a short visit. Most of the group enjoyed the hands-on experience there, while others were happy to sit and socialize with each other.

Soon it was time to return to the hotel. With Kevin, Carl and the driver Mike handling the loading/unloading duties, the tired but happy group was soon back at the hoteleager to tell their families about their exciting day’s experience.

We mustn’t forget all the wonderful volunteers who came to support our children and adults during their activities. Without this very generous support we would not have been able to provide such an exciting program. Thank you everyone who assisted us.