Thank You ISMRD

Family Conference
Personal Reflections

Scientific Conference
Children and Youth Program

In the first place I want to thank ISMRD for what they have done for us. I am very very grateful for the help you gave us to attend the ISMRD conference.

The conference means a lot for us. It was a great opportunity to learn more about my daughter’s disease and about how to manage her health. Dr.Cathey and her team are the most wonderful doctors that I have ever met. They are very good specialists and they teach me so many things. Dr. Leroy was great, a great name of the medical world. With their help I started to know better my daughter’s disease and I am feeling better prepared in fighting with ML2.

I have trust that someday these great doctors will find a cure for this destructive disease.

I have met so many wonderful people and families there and made so many connections and life long friendships. Now I know that I am no longer alone and that there are great people around me, even if we are so far apart. Thank you so much ISMRD for your very generous support in getting us to Charleston.

It was beautiful there in South Carolina and I am very glad that I could attend to this conference.